I would like to thank all of you that have received or ordered my stickers – I have gotten such a great response from all of you. Since I started making these I have met so many nice, loving and caring people.  This town and its people are amazing!!! I have been pretty much making them nonstop since I started, at first just giving them away as a way to pay tribute to our heroes that gave their lives to protect us and our property and then increasing the sizes and constantly creating new designs. It’s truly been a labor of love and I want nothing more than for it to continue. I just updated this site to make it easier to get the stickers without the several emails back and forth to order – some of you may notice that the prices have gone up marginally and that is to reflect the time and effort I am putting into this. Please know that my intention is to get these stickers to the people that want them to honor our heroes. The cost for the quality of sticker is still a great value. Thank you for your support and I hope if you decide to get a sticker and display it proudly to let everyone know “We will NEVER FORGET our HEROES”.

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