Pricing will always very from job to job mostly due to design time but rest assured I will always try to keep prices low.
The Baseline is a 20.00 minimum for any design however simple, but the good news is it also covers detailed high end graphic design as well. 20.00 will cover the first 30 minutes of any design job. I can accomplish most jobs in this 30 minute period, given the proper direction and materials in the beginning. The proper direction and materials is a tricky thing in this business. It never seems to fail – that people have a much harder time telling you what they like verses what they don’t. What that means in most cases is that more design time is often needed to revise the work due to changes that were not included in the beginning request. This is not to say that projects do not evolve and making my clients happy with the end product is not my goal. What it does mean is the more details and input in the beginning of a project will save money in the end.
What I do to help with this process is to try to not only ask the right questions in the beginning but also to send a stream of proofs and get the clients input while the project is being made. This working together side by side or over emails or even through your smart phone has proven to be very effective saving time and money. I like to think the creation process can be fun and rewarding, while also being inexpensive.

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