I know computers and how to make them do what you want them to do!!!
I have helped countless people with everything from simple questions to full network installs. I am not necessarily looking for major computer projects but can be very useful to my clients in a multitude of ways. For example, setting up your wireless network so that you can print, file share and back up files from any computer in the house or just getting that stupid wireless network to work properly in addition to fixing the computer itself from viruses or failing hardware. I am looking to help people in this community and make friends not just clients. My computer services are generally free for simple questions and are very reasonable if you do need more of my time to fix a given problem – in most cases I charge 20.00 an hour plus travel expense to visit your home and get things working. I can also provide my skills as an avid downloader to access my vast collection of applications, music and media and if I don’t have what you are looking for I can get it.

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