Hello! My name is Landon Brown, BDDTB has been my screen name forever and of course stands for Big Daddy DownTown Brown. My kids and I moved out to Prescott from Las Vegas in late June of 2012 and we all just love it out here. The people here are so friendly and nice the air is clean and we all agree it is the place for us. In Las Vegas I worked at the Flamingo Las Vegas Sign Shop for ten years where I truly did what I love to do creating, fixing and helping people make their imaginations come to life. Circumstances in Las Vegas along with meeting the love of my life lead us all out here to Prescott. I look forward to serving this community and becoming “The Guy” when it comes to helping people with my skill set. I am also a very tech savvy person and have often helped people with computer problems from wi-fi set up, complete network set ups and file back up. I am also “The Guy” to know for software and media sharing access. Thank you for visiting the site and I hope to be of help to you in the future.

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